Sanctum Santorum (10/17/93)



At the time of Amrit Vela go and find thy holy place;

Seek the shelter and the mercy of the Master’s tender grace.

In the stillness and the silence, shutting all the outer gates

Gather in the sweetest nectar, see the splendor that awaits.


Love the darkness that surrounds you, know its comfort in the night.

Stay awake – do not be sleeping when the soul reveals its light.

For His Grace comes with your effort, do not falter or delay:

He gives comfort to the weary and will guide you all the way.


In the mantle of your bhakti, no more playing worldly games,

He is waiting; he will hear you when you call His Holy Names.

In the shabed’s sweet resounding you will hear His loving voice.

After all the years of striving, how your soul will then rejoice.


There has never been a failure on this Path you may be sure

For your Master stands as ransom and His Word shall long endure.

With devotion and with Simran see the love within you grow

In the blessing He has given you the world may never know.


Solitude’s the best companion if you seek the highest goal;

It will keep the mind from sinking and will help to free the soul.

Should you fail Him in your promise there could be no greater sin

For He’s waiting at the doorway and he bids you enter in.


Amrit Vela are the hours between 3 and six in the morning.


                                                     Evelyn M. Danforth  ©