The Game of Love (10/23/93)


Be sure to honor all the rules

If you want to play the game.

Donít just stand there on the sidelines:

If you lose out, whoís to blame?


Someoneís watching, someoneís knowing

If you try to bluff your way.

You canít falsify the scorecard:

Those who cheat will have to pay.


No excuses: ďItís my karma,Ē

Donít forget those vows you made.

Never think that you are beaten,

Do your best Ė youíll make the grade.


Just ahead the Captainís waiting,

Trusted coach and faithful Friend;

He is always there to guide you,

More than you can comprehend.


In the game of life the winners

Keep their eyes upon the goal.

First prize in this game, however,

Is the Triumph of the Soul!!!


                                                    Evelyn M. Danforth  ©