The Vigil (10/18/93)


All the night long I had waited,

Not for a moment I slept,

All the night long kept a vigil;

With longing I waited and wept.


You promised to come if I called You;

You said You would ever be near.

Beloved, I called in the darkness

But somehow You just didnít hear.


Dear Master, I prayed in the silence

And master, I cried through the night

For only one glimpse of Your beauty,

For one tiny ray of Your light.


I wondered what sin Iíd committed

And wondered why You didnít care.

I pondered at my understanding,

Of what I might have been unaware.


The night seemed to go on forever

And never a spark did I see,

When I realized that for eons

You had been waiting for me.


And finally then with the dawning

Came the knowledge that ended my fear,

For while I was weeping, Beloved,

All the night long You were here!


                                                    Evelyn M. Danforth  ©