The Way of the Disciple (10/21/93)


A disciple’s disposition

Should depend on the condition

That he wants to please the Master,

Try his best in every way.

So be true in your devotion,

Keep a lid on your emotion

And remember to do simran

Every chance throughout the day.


You must do your meditation;

Do not wait for inspiration.

Mind keeps flitting while you’re sitting,

But you musn’t leave your place.

Although sleep seems so alluring

You must go on enduring

Every itch and twitch you’re feeling,

For your effort brings His Grace.


Though His bounty is unending,

Every moment you are spending

In His pleasure brings the treasure

Ever closer to your sight.

For the keys are in His keeping

And you’d better not be sleeping

When He passes out the nectar

In the middle of the night.


Vows you made in the beginning

Kept, will keep your soul from sinning.

You will keep the end in view.

With a firm determination

Soon will come the confirmation

By your meeting with the Master

And His Love encircling you.

                                                    Evelyn M. Danforth  ©