I had a dream not long ago

that told me of something I ought to know.
A taxi spun round in a circus show
then clowns jumped out doing the limbo!
And the leader of them had a face like groucho!

Eighty four clowns poured forth in a row

Jiggling round like a ring of costumed jello                 

struggling to pass the bar getting low,

Then round again for another go.

The crowd roared loud and long with gusto
At the unbroken ring of the futile and faux.
As they struggled and writhed to get lower than low
One gave up and said "I can't go below:

"I can't keep shrinking when my heart wants to grow!"

He stood up and stepped over

while the crowd shouted "NO!"

then did cartwheels and said

"Kind patrons, Heigh Ho!"

And the crowd understood and happily so:

"So long and good will to you, happy hero

We were glad for the time you gave us here so!"



                                   Spencer Tepper



84 refers to the Hindu 84 lakhs of species in creation.

It represents the Wheel of Death and Birth