BIG SPENDER        Audio


        The minute you walked in the joint,

        we could tell you were the dude of

        distinction, the real Sat Guru. 


        Bahut Acha Ji ( Punjabi ) very good sir,

        Vadhi'a ( you're the Best )


        We know you already know what's goin

        on in the mind.


        Let us get right to the point ( Tisra Til )

        We don't pop our cork for every so called 



        Hey Sat Guru, spend a little time with us.

        Ek do tin char panj ( one two three four 

        five, Punjabi ).


       We would like to have fun, fun fun. How's 

        about a few laughs?


        You can show us a GOOD TIME.

        You can show us a REAL GOOD TIME.


        Refrain: The minute you walked in...

        to end of song, YEAH!


The song is from the Broadway Musical, SWEET CHARITY, Titled BIG SPENDER.  I wrote the new lyrics about Sat Guru. Vince sang it to Baba Ji last year in Haynes Park, England, and told him his friend wrote the lyrics. He bowed his head in approval. 

Stand by... I will write out lyrics for  you. ~ Chazz