By: Selwyn Duke

So here is how you fall into the philosophical trap that has ensnared virtually all libertarians (and many others):

Step 1 — Believe in a mythical separation of morality and state.

Step 2 — Accept the laws you agree with and believe necessary, not realizing they’re an imposition of morality.

Step 3 — Turn around and oppose laws you disagree with, not on the basis that the values they reflect are wrong or are not the government’s domain, but simply because they’re an "imposition of morality."

 Actually, as the communists proved in 1917, the Nazis proved in 1933, Europeans prove with hate-speech laws and Islamists prove the world over — and as history has consistently taught — ideological conquest is, has been and always will be the case. The story of man is one of spiritual, cultural, political and physical warfare, and each chapter has victory and vanquishment. Zoroastrianism was extinguished by Islam, the Ainus have largely been subsumed by the Japanese, and the Maldives’ native Giraavaru culture is now only a memory. Just like animals, countless languages, cultures, beliefs and peoples have become extinct, often the victims of invasive entities that, through superior morality or might, won that inevitable battle.

And that is the battle for civilization. It may sound very noble to say, ". . . believe what you want to believe — I'm ok with that. After all, I am a Libertarian," but when enough people believe the wrong things, you will not be OK with it. You will be living under a regime that enshrines those things in law — you’ll be living in tyranny.

Like it or not, imposing values is what arranging civilization is all about. And like it or not, you’re part of this process. The only difference among any of us is in what and how much we impose — and in that some of us actually understand this is precisely what we’re doing.

So we can avoid talk about morality if we want, but it will do nothing to ensure that morality won’t be imposed on us. It only guarantees a descent into error that, ultimately, ensures that immorality will be.

 It should be said that Ayn Rand herself had a lot of flaws in her philosophy. She was reacting against Communism; and, for that, she must be commended. She understood freedom. She didn’t quite get, however, Adam Smith’s invisible hand. Smith understood the invisible hand in the marketplace, because he was a Christian who was a professor of moral philosophy. If people are free, the best will succeed because, like Rearden and Dagny, they will try to serve their client. The very virtues that are exemplified in God’s Word Written become manifest in a truly free market. The invisible hand is more than just the product of materialistic self-interest. It is the divine image of God exercised to its fullest degree.

That said, the United States of America have drifted so far into the malignant, cancerous growth of bureaucratic, statist, socialist control that ATLAS SHRUGGED PART I is a breath of fresh air! Perhaps, it will revive some of the voting population and help them to understand the danger of and then vote against the stale back room politics of obsequious Washington radfahrers and bureaucrats like Mouch, or Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Barney Frank, to cite a couple real examples.