Ramblings of a Reactionary 

             Most of these poems are from My First Book of Hate  (Protest Poems).

                                      Some are from El Camino Really    

                                       First lines   

Prologue  Book of Hate Vol 1


Take a tip from Anonymous Lee

Who are the U.S.E.?

Ammunition for the soldiers

I am ashamed to be an America

Uncle Sam has lost his way

These were our choices in '92

Ask not what you can do for your country

Give a man sufficient rope

Though Spring has gone

Little lass in on the make

Being on a jury can be lots of fun

It's got its nose in our business

Is the cheater who is cheating the cheater

Oh, what are you going to do?

Pass it on and don't return it.

He's an M.D.

The things that's wrong with the AMA

It takes a village

When silent majority

Don't blame me

Attention of the seeker

I was talking to some New Agers


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Prologue  Book of Hate Vol II

Weeping inside feeling terrible ache

A King must put his own house in order

Thinking people of the world

The Children of Israel lived in fear

Back and forth----to and fro

If you don't want to ride in a nice hearse

The time has come to re-embark

When the Silent Majority discover the Word

A song of truth is in the air

Nowhere in life will you find  a free ride

It's easy to be an ignorant fool

You must obey the laws of the realm

Perfection is a stickler for detail

On combing your hair

Here's comes a police man

You could be a beautiful cat

We hope, officer, you may not be stopped

In the middle of the strife

If the shoe fits, put it on

Intelligence is the monopoly of no man

I pledge allegiance

Fax for freedom

Message to Tyrant