%Atheism is an illogical, irrational,

untenable position

that requires blind belief of its adherents!

( In the act of voicing the objection,  the objector concedes the case.)


Does God Exist?   It is impossible to deny the existence of anything in this universe for in the very act of denial is its affirmation.  Objectivists very potently affirm the existence of God by their vociferous denials of His existence and reveal their blind-faith religious nature and pride when they declare themselves atheists.  “Atheist” according to the dictionary is one who denies the existence of God.

Two traps that the followers of Ayn Rand’s objectivist philosophy always fall into are that one can be an atheist and an objectivist at the same time and that Reason should be the supreme guide.  It is beyond reason’s grasp to be able to account for the flashes of intuition that characterize true creativity, that creativity that has produced the great works of art, music, architecture, literature, poetry etc., by individuals when their reasoning faculty is put out of action.  Love, God, Creativity and Consciousness are synonymous and have always transcended reason. 

On page 10 of  “Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand” by Leonard Peikoff  we read,  “Existence, consciousness, identity are presupposed by every statement and by every concept, including that of “disagreement.”  (They are presupposed even by invalid concepts, such as “ghost” or “analytic” truth.)  In the act of voicing his objection, therefore, the objector has conceded the case.  In any act of challenging or denying the three axioms, a man reaffirms them, no matter what the particular content of his challenge.  The axioms are invulnerable.”

So, take from Dr. Peikoff’s words and paraphrase  “In the act of voicing my objection, therefore, I have conceded the case, I have reaffirmed the existence of God by my very challenge to it.”

Now, Ayn Rand says on page 11, “An axiom is a proposition that defeats its opponents by the fact that they have to accept it and use it in the process of any attempt to deny it.”

In the concept of “existence” on page 5, we read,  “The concept of “existence” is the widest of all concepts.  It subsumes everything----every entity, action, attribute, relationship (including every state of consciousness)--everything which is, was, or will be..........it covers only what is known, implicitly if not explicitly, by the gamut of the human race, from the newborn baby or the lowest savage on through the greatest scientist and the most erudite sage.  All of these know equally the fundamental fact that there is something, something as against nothing.”

I call attention to the phrase “every state of consciousness” and “everything which is, was, or will be.”  Unless all of the various states of consciousness and everything which is, was, or will be are known to one, a denial, I believe therefore, violates the basic axioms of Objectivism.  The only intellectually honest statement would be to simply say that “I do not know; it is not a fact of my experience at the present time.”, and cease being an atheist by becoming an agnostic, thus leaving the matter open to further experiential evidence.  Many so-called atheists are far too noble, thoughtful and religious to fall into such errors of logic and unreason. 

In regard to religion, we suggest a differentiation between the organization that develops around their founders and the founders themselves.  Organizations become political and always tend to manipulate people to their advantage  No true master ever intended to establish a religion.  When we truly understand their teachings, we discover that the efforts of these gentlemen were devoted to freeing people from clutches of the scribes, Pharisees, priests, rabbis and ministers of their times.  Their goal was to make people independent and self-reliant.

When a philosophy or teaching passes through the minds of others who do not understand it,  and this will also hold true of Objectivist philosophy, in the course of time corruption creeps in, and the position or character of the founder is completely altered.  When we apply this process to the teachers of the various religions, we will come to understand that one has to dig deeply in order to appreciate both the philosophy and their founders.  The Germans have a saying, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!


                                                 Thomas Jefferson Curtis


Notes on Absolute Morality:

1.       Out of nothing comes nothing.

2.         Out of something comes something.

3.         Since we are something, we must, therefore, have come out of something which we could call our  Origin or Source.

According to the Hindus, the Origin or Source of All including us is called Sat, Chit, Anand because It is Unchanging, It is Conscious, and It is Blissful)

Absolute Morality:

Anything that takes us toward our Source is "good"

Anything that takes us away from our Source is "bad"