THE MALADY OF EGO 

from: Take the Brain Train to the Third Eye, Bud Mathis' Sunset Trip (Track 8)


                                          As I look around this world

                                          And take note of what I see,

                                          There are many things I notice

                                          that are educating me.

                                         There are people who are big;

                                          There are people who are small.

                                          There are people in this world

                                          Who don't weigh a thing at all.

                                          There are people way up high

                                         Who want to regulate our fate.

                                         There are people way down low

                                         Who seem to live and die on hate.

                                         There are people in between:

                                         You can find them everywhere

                                         Running round and round the scene.

                                         They ain't going anywhere.


                                          Did you ever know someone

                                          Who thought he had it made for sure.

                                           It's the Malady of Ego

                                                Trouble is the cure.

(Guitar solo)

                                        There are lots of things that happen,

                                         And it's time to understand,

                                         There's a growing up of people

                                         Going on within this land.



                                         There's a lot of people learning  

                                         things they never knew before.

                                         They’ve begun to understand,

                                         They don’t really know the score.


                                          Did you ever know someone

                                         Who thought that they were always right.

                                         It’s the Malady of Ego.

                                         They think they’re out of sight.

(Shouting) Ego! --Ego! -- Ego!


(c) 1966 Little Giant Music Pub. Co.