There is no escape except to fuller life.

Sleep does not shut off the ideas, sensations and thoughts

Of worlds within and worlds without.

Death does not do it -   -   -   -though' in death

a long sleep sometimes comes.

And suicide is worst escape of all  -  -  -

The soul remains a mess of cowardice.

The will-power (when alive)

Cannot entirely shut out haunting thoughts:

Though a self-imposed apathy, lethargy,

Or even a kind of dementia

May dull the mind to false security  -  -  -pro tem.

But LIFE -  -  -escape to Fuller Life

Is, after all, the only real way.

For the immortal germplasm of YOU

Goes on and on expressing Life and more Life

No matter what the efforts made to kill it.

This thing I know!   'Tis better then to face

The issue straight and clear!

To take experience direct, than wait  -  -

And in retreat think to escape thy fate.

Thy fate, man?   'Tis but coming more awake!

                                      by  The Violet