From beyond the Realms of Time and Space He comes with Song Divine.

His Melody is life and love and freedom from the slime,

Of lowly creatures, earthbound and the others forms of time.

If we will try to seek Him out as always best we can,

He will meet us at the first rung, He will come in form of man.

The Eternal Cause of causes has one object and one goal:

To deliver suffering children and again to make them whole.

His gift is everlasting love which transcends Paradise.

To hurry to His Shelter is the one thought of the wise.

When we have heard His message, we should quickly perk up ears.

By doing, then, our part outlined, will come to end our fears.

And in the greatest ecstasy we'll raise our voice in cheers - -

In shouts and songs, encouragements for all of those with ears.

So, Listen, Children, Listen!    For important are these words.

A message of salvation, which means freedom from these worlds.

These lowly worlds of Time and Space, our True Home not at all,

For we have come to dwell here only since our painful fall.

Once we dwelt in lap of God in unity with all,

But seed of self stuck out its head and there began our fall.

Then, round and round in circles, sometimes up and sometimes down,

in sufferings and enjoyments so that we,  just like the clown,

must show on outside happy face when inside and around

are nothing else but misery and troubles that confound

the intellect and reason just to keep us from The Sound

So in the end they'll find us five to six feet underground.

So. . . Take your choice and go your way for free will have you got.

There's one way takes you down to Hell,  Eternity to rot.

There's one way takes you up to God, unties your every knot.

But this, your choice, is your own choice for no one you must pay.

The Guru simply points The Way and helps you every day

To travel on the Path of Love again with Him to play,

In ecstasy, delights of Love . . 

                                 The Sound is His Own Way!

                   from THE VOICE OF THE SPARROW  (poems of The Path)

                                                                 by  Tom Curtis