INTRODUCTORY REMARKS ON THE WAY OUT IS—IN and poetry found on this website.   For pdf The way Out is--IN


THE WAY OUT IS—IN was  originally published in India  with the title of  “True and Practical Divine Knowledge.”  During a sojourn at Dera Baba Jaimal Singh in the Punjab, I came across this little booklet in the Dera library.  I found it exceedingly interesting, simple and direct in its explanation of the Path of the Masters and laboriously typed a copy for myself.  One day I approached Master (Charan Singh Ji Maharaj) and told him how much I liked this booklet and suggested that Dera publish it.  He did not wish Dera to publish it, but suggested that it could be published privately with an oblique reference to Dera.  The following is a quotation from a letter of S. Charan Singh Ji Maharaj to Tom Curtis dated February 10, 1958.


“Regarding the publication of the little book, we have no objection to your publishing it privately and giving it the title of “The Teachings of Baba Garib Das” as recorded by his disciple, Swami Ram Bihari Lal of Sarai Rohilla, Delhi.  It need not be longer than this.  I don’t think mention of the Dera or the representatives in foreign countries would be proper, but this can be done indirectly in a preface or forward which you can write to this little publication.  Therein, you may mention the Dera as well as the American representative  All this should be discussed with Mr. Myers, and the final step should be taken with his consent.”


The matter of private publication was taken up with Mr. Myers and received his approval and an indirect reference was made in the preface.   It was the opinion of the publisher that its original title was a little stiff for America in the 50’s, hence, it was decided to change the title from “True and Practical Divine Knowledge” to “THE WAY OUT IS---IN“.   This title change was discussed with Mr. Myers and received his approval.  It was also approved by Maharaj Charan Singh Ji in the following letter to Tom Curtis dated April 2, 1959.


“Whatever you choose as the title of the other book (the publication in question) would be all right.  But one thing is certain, whoever prints the book must given his full wages.  As for the profit, you may do just as you like.  You may utilize the profit or, if you are very keen on having no profit at all, you may fix the price of the book so low that there will be no profit worth the name.”




Regarding original poetry found on the website,   All of these poems were submitted to Maharaj Charan Singh.   Without his love and inspiration, these verses would never have been written.  They rightfully belong to him and were returned to him in a series of letters.  If there is any beauty or value to be found in them, the writer can take no credit whatsoever.  He is completely barren.  Gurinder Singh wrote very clearly in a letter dated August 8, 1990, “Poetry is the Lord’s gift to you."      In a letter to Tom Curtis dated February 1960, Maharaj Charan Singh wrote as follows:


“I find your poems very beautiful and interesting.  You can bring them to whatever use you like.  They are very good..”


17th July 61

“Regarding your poetry you can send its copies to whomsoever you like. Writing poetry is a good hobby.  ;You can share it with your friends and others whom you find interested in it.”


22nd Sept 61

“I have received the copies of your poems and the quotations from the “Religion of the Manichees.l”  Thanks for these.  Your poems are very find.  I like them very much.”


24th January 1962

“I have received your New Year’s card and the beautiful poems also for which please accept my thanks.  I have also gone through your book of poems.  Some of them are really very nice.  I have given the book to a number of Satsangis to read. They all appreciate it.”


I also sent my poetry to Baba Ji and he lovingly replied in a letter dated 8 August 1990:


“Poetry is the Lord’s gift to you.  Your compositions are beautiful.  You may gladly release your work for publication.   As regards, utilizing the income for some charitable institution, please take a decision yourself.”


Thomas of Northridge,  April 6, 2009


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