called out the Magician in Aladdin and His Magic Lamp.

 In NewsMax September 2005 there was an article entitled HOLLYWOOD’S NEW GODS based upon a best-selling author James Hirsen who “reveals how these movements are impacting the American landscape.”  Popular movie star, Tom Cruise, is on the cover and accompanying paragraph reads “Tom Cruise is just one of many celebrities turning off traditional religions and embracing new faiths such as Scientology and Kaballah.  On page 18 there is a boiler plate article entitled “Scientology: What it is – And Isn’t. 

In the forties a song entitled OUR LOVE became very popular because of its beautiful melody.  Lovers of the classics recognized this melody as having been taken from the Second Movement of Tschaikovski’s Fifth Symphony.

 “Tchaikovsky also endowed the Symphony with some of his most effulgent melodic inspiration, such that even popular American music of our own Century has been touched by Tchaikovsky's magic.  In 1939, the main theme of the slow movement of this Symphony took on a new identity in Juke Boxes around the country, in a chart-buster by Mack David, Mack Davis, and Andre Kostelanetz called "Moon Love".” 

 LIVE FROM LINCOLN CENTER September 23, 1999 8-10 PM on PBS New York Philharmonic Opening Night Gala: Masur & Rostropovich http://www.pbs.org/lflc/notes/092399.htm.

 If Tchaikovsky had not written his melodic Fifth Symphony, it would not have been possible for Mack David, Mack Davis, and Andre Kostelanetz to have popularized this work. 

Some of the people who were not educated to listening to classical music but loved Moon Love were inspired to listen to the original Fifth Symphony in its entirety. 

Were it not for the Ancient Wisdom established by the Creator at the Beginning of Creation and placed within the form of man, it would not have been possible for L. Ron Hubbard in 1950 to popularize various aspects of this ancient wisdom in his 1950 book, “Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.” 

With a new terminology replacing a Sanskrit one, Hubbard presents what he calls “Engrams”,  and that “all psychological problems, and many physical ones, are caused by unresolved reactions to bad things that have happened to us.”  Clearing these loops would improve psychological and physical health.  The Ancient Wisdom states that we are born with a destiny based upon actions in previous lives and that we carry these impressions of  events experienced in the form of sanskaras.  The aim of spiritual practice is to “clear” these sanskaras and to pay off the karmas which have given rise to rebirth in this world. 

“Hubbard eventually claimed that engrams were not simply produced in this life, but that everyone carries the residue of billions of years of past lives.”  In other words, each one of us carries all of the impressions of our previous lives since the time we were sent down here to enjoy this creation.  

 The official Scientology Web site in explaining the faith, says:  “Man is an immortal spiritual being.  His experience extends well beyond a single lifetime.  His capabilities are unlimited, even if not presently realized.”

 For the purpose of clearing these engrams or impressions, Scientology relies upon the assistance of an Auditor.  Scientologists pay to be audited, sometimes large sums of money.  It is estimated that Tom Cruise has spent hundreds of thousand of dollars on his training. 

In agreement with the Ancient Wisdom, clearing cannot be accomplished without the assistance of a guide.  In Scientology this guide is called an Auditor who assists the practitioner in his quest.   The Ancient Wisdom, on the contrary, states that self-realization followed by God realization is not possible without the aid, assistance and protection of a  Perfect Living Master.  Like Scientology it states that all karmas and sanskaras of previous lives have got to be cleared before this state can be reached.   Unlike Scientology and some other systems, they do not charge for this service.  They say that God and Nature give of their gifts bountifully and freely.  Living Perfect Masters have always been present upon this earth for genuine seekers after Truth. 

206      “there can be no salvation unless all Karmas, both gross and subtle, are destroyed, and the Gyanis (intellectuals) do not know the technique of destroying karmas.

 207   ”Ram” (God) is within every one, but nobody knows him.  People commit sins while He looks on, but He does not prevent them, and makes them go through Chaurasi.(transmigration).  What good then, is this Ram (God) to us?  But when we meet a Sat Guru (Perfect Master) and He explains to us in what form Ram is present in our hearts, then we are informed and avoid bad deeds, and escape Chaurasi.  Hence, it is necessary to seek a Sat Guru, for He is the Ram manifest; and the search for the unmanifested Ram is not possible without the help of a Sat Guru.  Those who don’t do so, will neither find Ram nor escape Chaurasi, but waste this precious human life.  And whoever seeks the Satguru will surely find Him, for the Sat Guru is an incarnation eternally present on this earth.” 

            Sar Bachan Prose,  Shiv Dayal Singh (Soami Ji) 3rd edition, P 139