The only issue he ducked was abortion. Although the Libertarian platform supports abortion rights, he said, the party is almost evenly divided on the question. Its not a religious issue, Mr. Badnarik explained. Its a property-rights issue: at what point does the baby take ownership of its own body? I do not have a clear-cut answer.  

To say, "I own my body." is like a resident of New York saying, "I own New York."  The city of new York has a population in the millions all living their own individual lives.  They  body, which one claims to own, is made up of millions of individual cells all living their own individual life.

 The answer to ownership is that one never takes ownership of one's own body.   One is a resident of one's body from the moment of conception, throughout one's life until one is evicted at death.   The wise know this and acknowledge this lack of ownership.    The fool ignores this to his detriment. 

An analogy:

If you own your house, you cannot be evicted, but if you are a tenant and don't pay the rent, you can be.  If you are a guest, you are dependent upon the graciousness of your host.   Our body is a house in which we live.  We are a guest in it  Since we are a guest, we should be a good guest and not wear out our welcome.  To say that we own our own body is sheer ignorance of the grossest kind.  When you own something, you have control over it.  But ask yourself, how much control over your own body do you have?  If anything we are under the control of the body with its various lusts and appetites.

House rules have been laid down for us by the owner of our bodies to follow in order for us to be a good guest.  They are called the Ten Commandments.  If we follow them, we please the host.  If we do not, we risk the potential anger of the host.  This is our freedom of choice.  We can do anything we want to, but to everything we do there will be a consequence which we will like or will not like.  The consequences are beyond our control.

Carry this analogy to the realm of government.  If we think we can disobey the principles of government laid down by the founding fathers in the U.S. Constitution, Declaration Of Independence and the Bill of Rights, we risk the loss of our freedoms and the ultimate destruction of the nation.  Where is our oft mentioned freedom of choice?  We have the choice to follow or not the Rules of the House or suffer the consequences.  That is our choice.

Tom Curtis