Return Dark Shadows Christian


            The plan of truth is shown 
to the ones who seek the light.

            The glories of the Kingdom

            Will dispel the darkest night.

            The Way that must be followed,

            Here an outline you will find  -  -  -

            We seek The Name that's Hallowed,

            And we leave this world behind.

                       Our Father which art in Heaven, 

                                hallowed by Thy Name.

                               Thy Kingdom come.  

                            Thy will be done on earth 

                                 as it is in Heaven.  

                         Give us this day our daily bread, 

                          and forgive us our trespasses 

                                  as we forgive those 

                              who trespass against us.  

                          Lead us not into temptation, 

                            but deliver us from evil, 

                           for Thine is the Kingdom,  

                           the Power and the Glory 

                                 for ever, and ever.