The Poet

What is a poem

Tell me a story

It takes a village

Cognitive Dissonance

Advice to the Prince


Heed the Voice

Open up the Belfry

Liberator, Moderator

Who are the U.S.E.

In the middle of Strife

Government Schools


'cause I'm American

A Song-the Beginning

One, Two

Truly Sad

Nice Hearse

To Gertrude Stein

Service of the King

Little Boy True

Let My People Go

It is Thou Thyself
Feet of Clay
Guru of the Time
Plan of Truth




Innocence Recovered

Malady of Ego

What color is soul

If shoe fits

Sow seed


Humpty Dumpty

The Chinese knew

Ask not what

A Song of Truth

I was talking to

Don't blame me

Ammunition for

Uncle Sam astray

Jury Nullification

They put me to sleep

Identy Crisis

Magic Broom

We don't eat dogs


Pussy, Pussy
Souls Above
Stranger to men



Mao Tzu is not LaoTzu

Sovereignty is the issue

The Soul is a Queen

The Time has come

Meat is good?

Take a knife and cut

Lawmen have souls too

Going to St. Ives

The Karmic law

I'm a pomp, pomp, politi-

The ones who twist

At last we know

Little Jack Horner

Check, your move

Hickory, Dickory

Hey Diddle diddle

Teach me the prayer

Cell Phone

Mrs. Round

The Beginning and

Of all of the languages

Mr. Square

Jack Spratt

Peter, Peter
More to Life
Beatniks Unite!

Kill your neighbor