"For what shall it profit a man,
if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? " 
                                                                                 Mark 8:36

Gaia is the Name given to the Personification of Planet Earth 

by Pantheists

and some Environmentalists,

But Gaia is nothing more than Maya

with a substituted G!

Pantheists believe that Man is the offspring 

of Mother Earth and Father Sun.

The Real Man, however, is an embodied Soul, an Image of God 

and is of His Essence.

Father Sun can give off Warmth and heat 

but is incapable of giving Life,

And Mother Gaia, who is nothing more than than Maya

with a substituted G can clothe him only in a body 

made of Five Elements!


Maya is the name given to The Cosmic Illusion t

that deceives all living beings.

The Cosmic Illusion creates an Erroneous Perception of Reality.

Adherence to an Erroneous Perception of Reality is called "Delusion".

Delusion is the result of a Deception that has come about
because of a Deliberate Misrepresentation of Reality

 by the power of Maya.

The Deliberate Misrepresentation of Reality by the tricks of Maya
is the means used by the Negative Powers
to ensnare The Unwary through a False Presentation of The Truth.

Environmentalists, because of their materialistic outlook 

and godless orientation,
have fallen for this False Presentation
and have become Worshippers of Gaia, whom they now call "Mother".

As such they have broken The First and  Major Commandment 

of the Top Ten,
For Worshippers of Gaia  in reality are nothing more than
Acolytes of the seductress Maya
         with a substituted G  

 Maya is the name given to The Cosmic Illusion 

that deceives all living beings.

 Worshippers of Maya, therefore, are worshippers 

of The Cosmic Illusion,

and by worshipping The Cosmic Illusion in the form of Gaia,

they have accepted an Erroneous Perception of Reality.

Those who accept an Erroneous Perception of Reality 

are called “Deluded”;

ergo, the Worshippers of Gaia are called “The Deluded”.


They are called “The Deluded” because they have fallen victim 

to The Deception.

They have fallen victim to The Deception

by accepting The Deliberate Misrepresentation of Maya,

And by accepting The Deliberate Misrepresentation of Maya,

they have unknowingly become ensnared.

Since they have unknowingly become ensnared,

they are now caught in The Trap;

The Trap, which was set by The Cosmic Illusion to catch The Unwary.


The Unwary are caught in The Trap

because they fall for The Bait that is Sweet.


The Bait that is sweet in the worlds of Maya

is “Environmentalism” on the Planet Gaia.


“Saving the environment”

is not possible on the Planet Gaia,

for all is Deception and Delusion in the Worlds of Maya!

The end result of “Saving the Environment” on the Planet Gaia

is Slavation and Subjugation to The Seductress Maya.


A Rose by any other name is still a Rose,

and even though dried still smells very sweet.

But Gaia can never be more than Maya

with a substituted G.


The Wiles and Dirty Tricks of this Woman of the Street

make her as odoriferous now as she has always been, next

for in reality she is nothing more than a Putrefactive Stink.

So heed the voice of the Prophet!

“For what shall profit a man, if he shall save the planet and lose his own soul to Gaea, the Goddess of the Earth, who bore and married Uranus and became the mother of the Titans, the Furies and the Cyclopes?”

                                          R. Bumpkin (November 1997)


Down through the ages there have always been two existential or philosophical currents running parallel to each other. One holds that there is a Creator who has manifested or created the phenomenal, sensual world which we all perceive through the senses and that man is made in the image of this Creator. The Masters state that this Creator can be known by man through the Incarnation, devotion to Whom brings realization and knowledge of the Self. Those who follow this current seek out the Incarnation and serve Him. This current has been attested to by all of the great sages and masters who have graced the planet earth. The Creator of this current exists in His own right. His being is not dependent upon the acceptance or rejection of his creatures; in other words, the Supreme Being is a self-existent reality with Will and Purpose.

The other current is imprecise for by means of it one must account for the phenomenal, sensual world one way or another. Those who follow this current engage in any number of practices such as the worship of nature, animal and nature spirits, plants, stones, mountains, gods, goddesses, idols, etc. They seek to know something about the phenomenal, sensual world, themselves and the invisible world through mediumship, channeling, astrology, fortune telling, psychism, intellectual speculation, reasoning, or apparent scientific pursuit. Many of those who follow this current do not accept the existence of a Creator as an independent Being in his own right. For those who follow this current the Creator exists only if they believe that He does. His existence, being or nonbeing, therefore, depends upon the acceptance or rejection by his creatures; in other words, God is a figment of the imagination, a mental construct, if they even take the trouble to think about Him.

                                                                                                  Tom Curtis