The Yoga of the Audible Life Stream
                             "Hints from an experienced Soul to Her Sister Souls"                   


"Being a brief and concise explanation in simple terms of the Genesis and Economy of the Creation, the position of the individual within it and his relation to and obligations and duties toward his Creator, the Supreme Being, the Source of All."

It is in accord with the teachings given out in the past by such great sages as Kabir Sahib, Dadu Dayal, Guru Nanak and his nine successors, Shams Tabrez, Maulana Rum and Hafiz of Persia, and more recently by Swami Ji of Agra, the founder of the present line of Masters, Baba Jaimal Singh, Baba Sawan Singh, Sardar Bahadur Jagat Singh, terminating with S. Charan Singh who in this year of 1958 continues to instruct interested seekers in the secrets of the Yoga of the Audible Life Stream.


                              THE WAY OUT ----IS IN
                                     Swami Ram Bihari Lal
                      (disciple of Baba Gharib Das, a Perfect Saint
                  and disciple of Param Sant Soami Ji of Agra, Founder of
                             the RADHA SOAMI SPIRITUAL SCIENCE.)

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